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this was really neat and creative!

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It's one of the most original ideas for visual novel game i've seen in my life. 

The idea of two people from different nations falling in love isn't new. But your ant/yuri version is great. Making citizens of  two colonies look and exist in  very different way is good idea too.

I like the artstyle. It's a bit simple but still good looking. Well done sprites. Also you did great job with "animating sprites" - different face expressions, positions of hands, "simulating movemont" etc.

The story of two woman befriending each other and getting attached to each other was very sweet. They were spending time learning interesting facts about their works, nations, colonies and... about each other. And they enjoy spending time together.

They had crazy idea... and it got them in trouble... But the justice and frienship won!

 And they had opportunity to visit their colonies :) Their colonies stared helping each other.

Val and Char menaged to create special bound. The love

They had a few problems but the both nations accepted their relationship after some time. Happy ending :D

Thank you for the good time, I had fun. Val is so sexy omg!! The story inspired by the organisation of the ants is a cool idea, and the erotic use of antennas is working very well, and it's surprising. I like that the colony of big  strong ants who are bragging a lot are not the more at ease with their feelings. Congratulations for making such a good game!

Hello! I downloaded this yesterday and played through most of it before I had to sleep. I finished it just a few minutes ago and loved it! I was expecting something silly and fun. I did not expect to see the journey of two "everyday people" who's desires and nuanced intellect roped them into politics and  allowed them to thrive in the field. I'm currently taking AP U.S. History and I could not help but find parallels between what I learned/current politics and media to what is presented in the game. Thank you all for making it. This'll definitely be something I'll remember for a long time.

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Co-creator here: Thank you so much for the comment! It was a treat to read something so thoughtful.